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We’re creatives, buyers, and logistics and communications experts.

In other words, the people to reliably deliver branded Desk Drop gift campaigns.

We know, from our long experience working within blue chip companies and global media agencies, just how powerful Desk Drop gift experiences can be.

Desk Drops have a natural place in a wide variety of Marketing strategies, because of the unarguable impact of delivering a message directly into your target recipient’s hands.


But successful Desk Drop Campaigns require specialist knowledge and skills.


The Desk Drop Company was formed, to bring together the talent needed to deliver a Gold Standard experience.


From initial concept generation through to delivery, The Desk Drop Company provides the ultimate one-stop solution for brands looking to take advantage of the power and engagement of direct communication.

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Why use The Desk Drop Company for your desk drop gift experiences?

Experienced marketers

Experts in branding, messaging, and communications

Partnerships with hand-picked, premium quality suppliers

Brimming with creative ideas

Skilled in incorporating technology and AR into Desk Drops

Excellent, reliable logistics

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