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Media And Publicity Drops

Media Drops can be an extremely versatile delivery mechanic, giving you the ability to include a range of publicity materials into one impactful and engaging package.

The Desk Drop Company have a wealth of experience in helping our clients create a physical manifestation of their key media messages.

The media landscape has never been as diverse, and the number of brands competing to make themselves heard within it, has never been greater.


Our team will work with you to translate the inherent DNA and proposition of your product or service into a Media Drop that will grab the attention of your intended recipient.


Our production team work to the highest standards, utilising ‘best in class’ print suppliers and fulfilment providers to ensure that your package arrives with the right person…and at the right time.

An image of a media publicity drop for the Channel 4 TV show Josh Must Win created by The Desk Drop Company
A publicity pack created by The Desk Drop Company
A publicity pack created by The Desk Drop Company

Physical Versus Digital


The ubiquitous presence of digital marketing has created great opportunities for brands that are ready to embrace the unbeatable engagement that a creative and beautifully produced piece of physical communication can engender.

Instead of trying to talk to everyone, a Media Drop lets you speak to THE ONE.


…and if you do want to link your Media Drop to a digital campaign or other online activity, we can seamlessly incorporate this into your pack through the use of technology such as QR codes or Augmented Reality.

Media Drops Insight: Tantalise With A Teaser!


Using a ‘teaser’ line or image on the outside of your Media Drop or Publicity Pack helps create intrigue in the mind of your recipient around what the content of your package might be.


This can make it far more likely that your package is opened, and properly considered.


We sometimes liken it to the excitement of opening a Christmas or Birthday present as child, when the real excitement came from the unknowing expectation of what might be inside!

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