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Corporate Gifts

Corporate gifting is a proven and effective way of showing your appreciation to, and engaging with, customers and business partners.

We are experts at sourcing, branding and packaging high quality products that keep your brand front of mind with the individuals and companies that are most important to the continued success of your business.


A wide variety of products can be utilised to create effective and well received corporate gifting packs.


From established favourites such as desk or office items, tech and gadgets, fashion and apparel – through to more contemporary themes such as wellness and wellbeing, artisanal food and drink, and ‘unforgettable’ activity based experiences.

An image of a corporate gift desk drop
An image of a corporate gift desk drop
An image of a luxury hamper corporate gift desk drop
An image of of a Christmas themed desk drop

Occasion based gifting also presents an exciting opportunity for brands.


Occasions can be calendar based, such as Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Diwali or Ramadan, or alternatively, associate with themes such as sporting events, international world days, award ceremonies or historically significant international or state celebrations.


The team at The Desk Drop Company will work with you to pick the right event association for your brand – and create a desk drop that truly rises to the occasion!

Corporate Gifting Insight: Think sustainably!


Sustainability is an increasingly important consideration for all companies, meaning ‘single use’ or disposable items can create the wrong impression for your brand.


At The Desk Drop Company we pride ourselves on sourcing and producing corporate gifts that will be actively used, or in the case of food and drink, enthusiastically consumed by your chosen recipients.


We also pay special attention to important considerations such as ethicality of supply-chains, provenance of materials and environmental impact.

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