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What budget would you require for a Desk Drop campaign?

Most corporate clients spend a minimum of £3k upwards or £40-£250 per delivered unit, depending on quantities.
Are Desk Drops cost effective?

As an alternative to events and corporate entertainment, yes they are.
What is the typical ROI?

It varies of course but cost per acquisition in term of new meetings Zooms, telephone calls etc, compares favourably with other marketing techniques.
What response rates do they get?

Typically 66%+ positive response rates.
Is it off the shelf or bespoke?

Totally designed to meet your brand and commercial requirements.
Do you do all the logistics work?

Yes, we work together on the development of the concept, you provide the name and address details and the rest is down to us.
So what elements of the Desk Drop creation and delivery do you handle?

Creative development, product sourcing, print, cardboard engineering, digital development (video, augmented reality) copyrighting, handling and fulfilment, despatch, tracking and post activity evaluation.
Are your desk drops suitable for senior C-Suite clients?

Yes we can deliver a tiered level of gifting using the same theme: with gold, silver and bronze levels to fit client seniority/importance and budgets.
Do you combine print and gifts with digital engagement?

Yes, our desk drops are often combined with zoom and augmented reality activity.
Do you work globally?

Yes our desk drops have been received around the world!
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