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Employee Engagement Packs

Desk Drop gift campaigns designed to motivate, engage and reward employees.

Strong business performance relies on motivated people. Motivation comes from feeling valued, heard and engaged in the company culture.

The complex challenge for leaders, HR and internal comms, is how to communicate the employer brand, and make it clear to employees how valued they are.

A carefully-devised, on-message, inspiring Desk Drop gift campaign can help towards this goal.

Our Desk Drops (including home Desk Drops) are designed to have a sustainable impact and tie in with your employee engagement and communications strategy.

  • Create excitement and a talking point

  • Give your people something they will enjoy, remember and value

  • .Incorporate your employer brand message

  • .Powerfully convey specific messages and themes

  • Update and communicate company news more creatively ..and engagingly

  • Tie in with other campaigns or company initiatives e.g. mental health and well-being, social interaction

  • Increase and inspire participation in surveys and live or virtual events

  • Reward performance or long-service

  • Reach out to home/remote workers to keep them engaged and valued.



Our dedicated expert team handle all the logistics of your gift campaign from beginning to end.

No struggling through catalogues of gifts.

No time-consuming bookings with delivery companies.


No drama about getting the right gifts out on time before an event.

All you have to do is tell us your goals, brief us on your message, advise your budget and any special requirements. Then sit back and choose from the selection of fantastic creative gift and experience ideas we present, leaving us to handle the rest.

What could be easier?

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