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Influencer Boxes

Influencer boxes are an engaging way to put your brand in front of influencers, celebrities and journalists, who can then share your product or campaign message across social media and other online channels.

Recent years have seen a seismic development in the channels marketeers use, with a vast number
of brands now heavily invested in developing their relationships and communications with Influencers and online journalists.

The Desk Drop Company can work with you to develop your messaging, source products, design and print your packaging, and create concepts that really get you noticed, talked about, and shared!

An image of an influencer box desk drop for the Channel 4 show Married At First Sight
An influencer box desk drop created for Channel 4
An influencer box desk drop created for Channel 4
An influencer box desk drop created for Channel 4

The Desk Drop Company create innovative and engaging Influencer Boxes for a wide variety of industry sectors and brands.
Many of our Influencer Box clients work within tight time constrains, with the need for precise production and delivery schedules paramount.
We also work across many different levels of production quantities and budgets.
The efficiency and effectiveness of our processes, alongside the talents and experience of our team, means we are able to respond quickly and accurately to your brief.

Influencer Boxes Insight: Be part of the story!


Influencers are more likely to engage with, and promote your desk drop if it excites, inspires, and provides them with an opportunity to create new content for their feeds.


It pays to think carefully about how the influencer can interact with the contents of your package.


Does it contain items they can perhaps wear, eat or drink, play with, and incorporate into the themes and stories that constitute their social media brand?


Another factor to consider is the creativity and interactivity of your packaging.

Unboxing videos are hugely popular online, and add extra excitement to the way the influencer promotes your brand.

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